provides secure, convenient and scalable data storage solutions

helping business or private users to store, share, sell, publish, manage, backup files

Always go the extra mile


Information technology company, that has built simple to use yet powerful, modern and innovative software products for file storage applications since 2007. Technology, experience working together and knowledge of the target market unite us.


Make something people want. Strive for simple yet elegant solutions. Respect our users and customers. Community matters. We love what we do and always try to do better.
Make it work, then make it better

Experience and Expertise

We have built several B2B and B2C 24/7 systems in telematic, geographic and workforce management fields. Now we are using our knowledge to develop data storage and exchange solutions, targeting specific business needs.

We operate worldwide

We are a internationally-active company, our customers are based in locations around the globe. We use data centres in Europe and USA, as well as content delivery edge servers. We provide international support in English.


We can be your partner for professional projects and applications. If you are looking for data storage & exchange solutions in the long term, contact us. We have made custom integrations for various needs.

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